Blogging Tips to Build a Reader Base

I wrote another blogging feature on Film Annex, an up-and-coming film site with an ample amount of diverse content. Last time I covered social media marketing tips for bloggers. This feature contains tips for the actual blogging aspect, which is helpful as it becomes an increasingly accessible activity. Setting up an account on WordPress or Blogspot is very easy, to the point where one would not be surprised to see their grandmother start a blog. Registering and posting is easy, and the services even offer plenty of customizable design options to take care of the visual aspects. The tough part is attracting and sustaining readership. Apart from real life friends on Facebook that visit your blog regardless, new bloggers must accept that it will take some time to attract other visitors. In addition to the obvious (creating quality posts on a frequent basis), the three blogging tips in the article will help shorten the waiting timeframe.

Read it here.

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