Full LP: Paul Banks – Banks

Interpol frontman Paul Banks made his upcoming album, Banks, available to stream on YouTube a week ahead of its street date. Its lead single, “The Base”, is enjoyable enough, but the second track on the album is a definite standout. “Over My Shoulder” borders on synth-rock with airy synth pad backings and synth twinkles, but droning guitars and a tightly constructed rhythm section – typical of Interpol’s post-punk leanings – remain its heart and soul. Banks has proven capable of crafting rich atmospheres ripe with post-punk rhythms plenty of times before, and several efforts on Banks show that he isn’t done any time soon. The trembling strings on the anxious “Arise, Awake” is one example, as is the fragmented piano-pop humor of “I’ll Sue You”. “Over My Shoulder” is one of the finest examples all around, though. Be sure to check it out.

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