MP3: Delta Dreamflight – “Wake Up”

Delta Dreamflight are a new pop group out of Sweden with a penchant for twinkling melodies and arena-ready percussion that steadily evolve from a tranquil soundscape. Dreamy guitar strums set “Wake Up” in motion, but it’s soon lifted by jovial bouncing keys and a sitar-like drone that matches well with a backing acoustic flutter. “Tell me darkness where I do belong, I’ve been searching so on my own,” the vocals sing during the massive chorus, whose entry is marked by a jaunty string-like repetition and a tambourine’s appearance in the excitable percussion. The ending, with a wistful sort of string/piano accompaniment, reminds of the vintage pop work of countryman Jens Lekman; it’s a complement whenever his name is mentioned. Another highlight from the group is “Don’t Forget to Bow”, a serene ballad whose queasy off-key beginning turns into an ethereal spectacle with an aquatic sort of glisten. Keys take on a rippling effect during the bridge, establishing the track’s calmly underwater tendencies even more. These are two fine efforts from this brand new Swedish group, who clearly have a grasp of their country’s innate pop¬†sensibilities.

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