MP3: Dora Brilliant – “Talk It Up”

MP3: Dora Brilliant – “Talk It Up”

Dora Brilliant will release their new mini-album, Real Bombing, a week from today. It was recorded by Ant Chapman, known for his work with Klaxons, Sexbeat, and Ten Benson. Dora Brilliant benefit from a similarly swift art-rock flair; their songs tend to rush by quickly, with frantic bursts of angular guitars and muted snares. They remind of Field Music, though without the orchestral flourishes. The songs are quick to transition into a flurry of separable bridges and other snippets, but they always seem to revert back to a phenomenal, central hook. On the exceptional “Talk It Up”, one central emphasis occurs when the loose vocals sing “my hands feel like glass, I’m so scared to touch” during the chorus, a somewhat serene contrast to the thrusting verses. The self-titled track, “Real Bombing”, is another highlight, with trickling guitar ruptures backing one of the band’s more emotive vocal performances, reminding of both Field Music and Klaxons in several regards. The swipes of strings during the final chorus is an especially nice, soaring touch. These are deservedly high points of comparison for the very promising London-based trio.

MP3: Dora Brilliant – “Real Bombing”

Stream the entirety of Real Bombing below:

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