MP3: Fou – “Don’t You Know?

Fort Worth Weekly wrote a nice piece on Fou, a dream-pop trio currently based out of Fort Worth, Texas. The article delves into how two brothers, Jeevan and Matthew, grew up in Dubai and formed their opinions on love and life based on the strong bond of their parents, together since they met as teenagers in India. A decade or so later, the brothers live in Fort Worth and attend TCU, crafting dream-pop gems in DIY studios with good friend and drummer Houston Holtman. The piece also goes into how music was the cause of a sore break-up between Jeevan and his ex-girlfriend, which derailed the band’s plans only momentarily. There’s plenty of other interesting personal tidbits in there, but we’ll focus on the two tracks they released last month on their Boy EP.

“Don’t You Know?” hearkens back to the mood-heavy alt-rock of the ’90s, reminding heavily of Spiritualized’s drone-friendly and reverb-heavy vein of spaced-out rock. Fou are more subdued and not as intricately involved, but their knack for ethereal dream-pop hooks puts them in a similarly atmospheric realm. The shrill guitar tone during the main bridge is haunting and chilling, and certainly the most idiosyncratic element of the song. Fou always sound cerebral and organized, with melancholy being expressed beautifully over shimmering melodies. I’m very impressed by both “Don’t You Know?” and “Colour Me In”. Fou’s eventual full-length should be a treat.

MP3: Fou – “Colour Me In”


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