MP3: Graveyard – “Goliath”

“Goliath” is the lead track from Graveyard’s upcoming album, Lights Out, due November 6th. There’s fury built inside the Swedish hard-rockers’ effort, which recalls classic-rock more than the overly ferocious tendencies plaguing much of today’s hard-rock. Don’t get me wrong; the thumping guitar roars on “Goliath” are plenty hard-rocking, but vocalist Joakim Nilsson projects a raucous roar more akin to Creedence Clearwater Revival’s most strident efforts; the incorporation of blues is slight but knowing, a tendency fitted for swamp rock greats. There’s none of the overly strained screaming to compensate for a lack of emotion. For Graveyard, it’s covered. The final 20 seconds present a ripping solo that sputters alongside wavy guitar distortion as the track ends abruptly, its energy somehow restrained with cohesion.

“This song is about feeling like everyday life is a constant David vs. Goliath scene,” drummer Axel Sjöberg explained to Billboard. “You look around, get pissed off, and want to ‘stick it to the man.'” Graveyard made its U.S. tour debut earlier this year, and they plan to return in early 2013 to support Lights Out. Keep an eye on Graveyard, who continue to engage listeners with their tasteful combination of classic and hard-rock.


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