MP3: Humfree Bug Art – “With Nights and Lights”

Sweden’s Humfree Bug Art craft an impressive sound on their three-song EP Old Chairlene; the short yet eclectic release showcases both twangy folk-pop and immersible post-rock. The opener, “With Nights and Lights”, shows this range well. Gentle acoustic trickles over a slight woodwind pad comprises the intro, as the crisply sonorous vocal lead is gradually accompanied by various reflective layers, increasing the song’s richness similar to Grizzly Bear and their folk-rock intricacies. A clamoring ending to “With Nights and Lights” features stomping percussion and echoing backing vocals, an anthemic jolt compared to the lush and creaky folk-leaning beginnings. The second track, “Present Parted People”, sports an anthemic quiver similar to Brandon Flowers, or any Springsteen-admiring pop songwriter. Some will certainly prefer it, but I’m smitten with the EP’s bookends. Its third and final track, “Wooden Maze”, is the most atmospheric of the bunch, with organic guitar leads that remind of a green forest’s ethereal beauty. Maybe it’s the crawling guitar leads that form, and later disperse, like raindrops trickling down a tree’s damp branches. I’m not sure. Its explosive finale features swelling angular guitars and a growing wisp of white static that slowly envelops before the fade-out. This one reminds me quite favorably of Leaves of Green.

Humphrey Bogart, Humfree Bug Art. It doesn’t matter. This stuff is great.

Check out the video for “With Nights and Lights” below:

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