MP3: Nite Fields – “Hell/Happy”

With these two new Nite Fields tracks, I get glimpses of The Chameleons UK, a vastly underrated group renowned for the variety of atmospheres within their post-punk palate. Similar comparisons were made to Interpol’s fantastic debut Turn On the Bright Lights, but Nite Fields capture a darker and more reverberating sound actually closer to The Chameleons UK and other darker post-punk mainstays; the obligatory Joy Division reference is never lost.

The Aussie four-piece is led by a placid vocal drawl that sounds somber and indifferent; it’s what one would expect from darker post-punk. They released two tracks on Soundcloud in anticipation of their upcoming 7″, which will be released November 17th on Brisbane label Lost Race Records. “Vacation” is led by a shrill snare and repeating guitar crawl that repeats hypnotically before the chorus, when the vocals assume a more emotive croon and the guitar line expands. It’s a splendid effort, but “Hell/Happy” seems like a better representation of the band’s grasp of moody post-punk. In Chameleons UK fashion, the thick bass line and angular guitars spin a concurrent web of chord-less melodies. Creepy ambient synth effects sporadically flutter in and out, solidifying a resoundingly solid effort.

If you’re a bit lost on The Chameleons UK references, their first three albums are a must. Listen to one of my favorites from them, “Thursday’s Child”, below:

MP3: The Chameleons UK – “Thursday’s Child”


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