MP3: The Good Legs – “Forty Years”

Björn Andersson’s vocals are a mix between Paul Simon’s delicate croon and John Darnielle’s nasally snarl. It results in a pleasant intermediary between lushness and intensity, the latter supplemented by virtuoso acoustic guitar work that trickles like a gliding stream. The guitar is complements of Andersson as well. The other half of The Good Legs, Elias Sundberg, handles percussion and cajon. The two 23-year-old Swedes go by the name The Good Legs, and they just released a new album called We Are Men, We Travel Distance. Choose your own price for it on Bandcamp.

“Forty Years” is a nice representation of the Swedish duo’s sound; it incorporates serene folk with intricate guitar plucking, the instrumental backings often comparable to The Tallest Man on Earth, a fellow Swede. I don’t know what’s in the Scandinavian diet that helps produce such technically inclined folk guitarists, but I want some.

Mike Mineo

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