MP3: The Pollies – “Something New”

MP3: The Pollies – “Something New”

The ridiculously catchy “Something New” is the first single off The Pollies’ debut album, Where the Lies Begin. The track is polished and grandiose; clamoring bells and melodic bursts of guitar collide during the bouncy chorus, the lead hook partly due to Jay Burgess’ exciting vocals. His voice fronts a nasally ferociousness akin to Isaac Brock and Hamilton Leithauser, though several more stylistically ambitious efforts on Where the Lies Begin aren’t as ripe for comparison. “Things We Learn to Know” is similarly grand in scope, but instead of polished indie-rock it projects a southern-styled orchestra over trickling keys and guitars. This and the subsequent “Ashes of Burned Out Stars” are more of the country and folk-rock varieties, and Burgess’ vocals adjust appropriately, relying on emotion and range over snarling intensity. The frontman’s various deliveries help continue to the impressive success of Where the Lies Begin.

Other highlights include “Joe”, which approaches swanky southern-rock with its alternating hushed and venomous deliveries. Burgess’ vocals are more nasally here than “Something New”, which coincides well with the sporadic guitar twangs and amp-buzz encompassing. The hypnotic guitar plucking of “Little Birdie” mixes with an old-timey folk feel, though with the sort of bluesy narrative you’d expect from Jack White or the Drive-By Truckers. The latter is especially prominent when “Little Birdie” breaks into a fun boogie hoedown at precisely the one-minute mark. Where the Lies Begin has plenty of great tracks, resulting in a phenomenal debut for this Alabama-based six-piece.

MP3: The Pollies – “Things We Learn to Know”

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