MP3: Tiger Waves – “Countryside”

Tiger Waves are one of the brightest spots in a very active Austin, Texas music scene. They’re inspired heavily by the psych-rock of Elephant 6, which can probably be surmised from the colorful single cover alone. As for the actual single, “Countryside” is a lush rocker that chugs along at an anesthetic pace; the percussion resembles a train on tracks with its hypnotic snares. It takes slightly more than a minute for the effort to fully illuminate, as caressing vocals echo a wordless chorus that skips along blissfully. Put this track on, close your eyes, and smile. It just might take you to a newer, calmer world.

Check out the single’s fascinating b-side below, which incorporates many vocal layers over a worldly assortment of instrumental layers, ranging everywhere from surf-pop to creepy gospel murmurs. The band’s creativity knows no bounds. I mean it as high praise when I compare this track to Brian Wilson’s most drug-heavy material:


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