MP3: Triptides – “Graveyard”

“Graveyard” is a slab of lo-fi psych-rock goodness, with eerie and ethereal tendencies heralded by dazed-out vocals that glide seamlessly over jagged guitar swipes. Its makers, Triptides, are a trio from Bloomington, Indiana comprised of Glenn Brigman (vox, guitar), Josh Menashe (bass, vox), and Josh Morrow (drums). They formed in a college dormitory at Indiana University, where Brigman and Menashe played so loudly the RA became well-acquainted with them. “Graveyard” is off their upcoming LP, Sun Pavilion, out November 19th. In an interview with college radio WIUX, Brigman classified their sound as “somewhere between surf-pop, psych-rock and space jams.” And not the sort with Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan, either. This talented trio blend their love for ’60s psychedelia with modern rock, which can be said for a lot of bands. But Triptides have a clearer grasp on songwriting than others; “Graveyard” juggles exhilarating power-pop schematics with a drugged-out psychedelic feel. It’s wholly memorable.

If “Graveyard” doesn’t satiate your appetite, take on their more synth-oriented leanings with the demo below. I’m getting an Ariel Pink vibe on this one:

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