MP3: Vince Dynamic – “Someone Else’s Dream”

The twinkling pop of Vince Dynamic is led by playful acoustic strums and keys, the latter in the miniature vein of xylophones and minimalist synths. Somber horns play a subtle backing role on “Time to Let You Go”, and “Someone Else’s Dreams” shows a more expanded pop formula with Mark Michalik’s percussion, but the beauty of Chris Tanner’s songwriting is best represented through his crisp guitar and keys arrangements. He sounds like a cross between Ozma and Coconut Records, mixing the breezy pop of the latter with the anthemic edge of the former. It helps that Tanner’s voice sounds youthful and airy, like both comparisons. Tanner’s songs sound delicate and relaxed, with an emotive punch propelling his melodic songwriting to extra heights.

Little touches of production separate Tanner from many bedroom-pop imitations. The surf-pop harmonies in the background of “Someone Else’s Dreams” help make it a deeply moving effort, as does the concluding guitar solo that reminds of Weezer at their best. “Time to Let You Go” is essentially one giant build-up, so when it finally erupts around the three-minute mark it’s well worth the wait. The three tidy songs on his new Those Fears EP sound great on a rainy day like this. Check out the video for “Time to Let You Go” below:

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