MP3: Young Holidays – “Teenager”

A quick update on a recent favorite. Max Holiday, AKA Young Holidays, released a fantastic new single that serves as an ode to youth. “Teenager” is led by playful twinkles and squiggly synths over booming bass; the guitars and percussion share a similarly peppy distortion. The mix sounds somewhat like a well-executed Black Kids track. “Smoking out my window like a teenager at night / I wanna close my eyes I can’t shut them tight,” Holiday sings. “I never say ‘I’m sorry’ and I’m always gonna show up late / All the time to worry but I’m not the type to wait.” He turns teenage stereotypes into something to admire and hold on to, with the begrudged awareness that these feelings exist within one mere snippet of one’s life.┬áHe’s driving in his car, and he’s never felt so high. He’s never been out this late. Deep down, as shitty as being a teenager was, we miss these feelings at points. Young Holidays reminds us why with “Teenager”, a jolt of energy that showcases his ability to write colorful power-pop with an unstoppable bevvy of hooks. This was already clear by the previous post, but “Teenager” further enforces it.


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