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As listeners shift into an autumnal state of mind, where melancholy and brooding downtempo atmospheres are received with more open arms, the music of Let’s Away provides an apt accompaniment to the falling leaves. This Sunderland duo craft a beautiful vein of slowcore that compares to acts like The Czars and American Music Club, fitted with twangy guitars with a placid lull and gently swaying percussion. “Brittle Bones” uses this twang well, both during a wordless bridge and beneath the chilling vocals, which reap of serene beauty despite their somewhat monotonous delivery. Songwriters like┬áMark Kozelek prove that alarming vocal performances aren’t necessary to stir listeners’ emotions; beautifully ethereal and tragic songwriting does that on its own. “You & I” doesn’t rely as much on that illustrious twang, instead focusing on mesmerizing guitar slides and tactfully subdued arrangements to fit the bleakly hoarse vocals, with powerful lines of begrudged romantic defeatism like “It won’t be you and I in an ideal world / When you’re next to him and the vodka is thin in my blood.” Let’s Away’s tunes may not make the sunshine appear brighter, but it will certainly stir your emotions — like the season of fall should.

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