Stream Twerps’ New Single, “Work It Out”

Twerps are among the elite of new bands from Australia, a country of origin that’s fairly recognizable when you consider the quartet’s pleasant likeness to Aussie legends The Go-Betweens. Though their full-length debut won’t hit UK shores until early 2013, Twerps have already risen to prominence with gems like “Dreamin’” and “This Guy”, both off their eponymous 2011 release. Two efforts from their upcoming three-track single are available for streaming, ahead of its November 19th release. The video for “Work It Out” was released as well.

The lead single, “Work It Out”, plays off the beautiful interaction between muddled guitar distortion and polished jangle-rock swiftness, like if Real Estate were influenced more prominently by The Replacements and the staples of Flying Nun Records. “He’s In Stock” has a more bustling punk-rock edge to it, with a joyous whirl of enthusiasm signaled by a “whoo” before slick guitar riffs emerge up front. On “Work It Out” the vocals had a nasally nonchalance to them reminiscent of Felt’s Lawrence Hayward. Here they resemble countrymen The Go-Betweens and the snarling enthusiasm of more energetic efforts like “Man O’Sand to Girl O’Sea“. Twerps are one of the best things to come out of Australia in several years, and their recognition is bound to rise with broader distribution next year.

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