Video: EIMIC – “Brittle Crystal”

EIMIC stands for Everything Is Made In China, a Moscow-based trio specializing in a unique hybrid of visual-savvy synth-rock. The video for their excellent track “Brittle Crystal” is ceaselessly stimulating; constant movement and clever morphing images make it one of the year’s best music videos. Its depiction of various contemporary phenomenons, spanning everywhere from singularity to product proliferation, is relayed in stunning fashion. The neon-lit colors during the second half, where various band members play their instruments under a futuristic glow, is another big plus. They even have little graphics poking fun at Pitchfork, Stereogum, Gorilla vs Bear, and other high-profile music taste-makers. The taste-making concept seems to be a trend throughout. As far as the musical side goes, it’s superb. Vintage chiptune-like synths form the hypnotizing lead, as gently strummed guitars eventually begin to form over┬áMax Fedorov’s caressing vocals. An addictive and engaging video crosses with a killer track, and we have “Brittle Crystal”, a great introduction to the witty EIMIC.

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