MP3: Domenico – “Receita”

“Cine Privê” translates literally to “Private Cinema”, a reference to Domenico Lancellotti’s early aspirations of becoming a visual artist. The Brazilian musician’s first love was drawing, and a love for film arose naturally from there. Several resounding film scores struck Domenico, who became fascinated with the compatibility between visuals and music, and to a fairly specific extent. “I like music that was conceived to support a certain image or scene. In these cases, the music interacts directly with the nervous system,” he says. “When I’m going to record an album, I look for a photo that’s in line with the image [in my mind] I have for the album.” Comprehending this process whilst listening to his new album Cine Privê makes one wonder what sort of beautiful photos Domenico had engrained in his memory when writing.

Lush Brazilian folk, with hints of dub and Latin jazz, are the main ingredients on Cine Privê, which more than once reminds of Os Mutantes’ experimental psych-rock — which touched on breezy folk-pop as well as ambitious psych-rockers. “Receita” has a bit of both, the angelic female vocals reminding of Os Mutantes’ Rita Lee in the best way possible. By the end of a track, vigorously psych-friendly guitar etchings make quick work over a laid-back lead with a samba-like shuffle. The swelling self-titled track features a numbing acoustic lull that is also accompanied later by a straining electric guitar accompaniment, though this in more melodic and concise form than “Receita”. It reminds me favorably of CineplexxCine Privê is a solid release from this tactful songwriter, who is able to blend atmospheric textures with bouncy folk rhythms to a certain cinematic thrill.

MP3: Domenico – “Cine Prive”

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