MP3: Mumblr – “Father’s Day”

Mumblr are a four-piece that churn out fuzz-friendly energy from their North Philadelphia row home. The beautiful architecture of row houses seems to enjoyably invoke the past, and while they don’t reach as far back as colonial times, the music of Mumblr shows its own reverence for the past as well. What the band labels as “fuzz-punk” is another saying for lovably raucous rock songs that aren’t reluctant to flaunt heavy distortion, clamoring percussion, and vocals that resound with unbridled intensity; surely it’s meant to keep up with the thunderous sound, and it does so successfully. “Father’s Day” is a versatile highlight from their new White Jesus EP. A fluid bridge at the mid-point provides a crisply refreshing interlude, before the fuzzy rhythmic distortion returns. The distortion resembles harder-edged ’90s alt-rock acts like Pavement, while the melodic guitar lead resembles power-pop groups of the day like Weezer. The Pixies and Modest Mouse found a similar balance between alt-rock, power-pop, and punk, so they’re probably the most apt comparison. Either way, this Philly four-piece – comprised of members who play mostly in basements and small venues – has a sound big enough for arenas. On this path they’ll be there in no time.

MP3: Mumblr – “Holy Ghost”


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