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MP3: Umu – “Quake”

The sibling duo of Richard and Cecilia Daskas produce experimental electro-pop with lively and atmospheric textures, comparable to the most expansive works of Autre Ne Veut and Patrick Wolf. “Quake” is a highlight off their debut album Henri, which Richard and Cecilia have been working on since the summer. “From caverns and jungles,” Richard repeats over hazy synth twinkles, string-like staccatos, and a bass line that cleverly weaves in and out of the lead. A chirping, nocturnal ambiance takes over the track’s middle, as hushed voices form indiscernible words. When the staccatos and twinkling key leads return, it signals a shift into a more grandiose sound, where the aforementioned ambiance meshes beautifully with the chirpy electro-pop of the track’s beginnings. There’s only one lyrical verse in the entire song, but the composition is a breathtaking usage of electronic textures and exuberant melodies. It leaves listeners plenty to get excited about this sibling duo.



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