Stream: Everything Everything – “Kemosabe”

“Kemosabe” is filled to the brim with exuberance, already a trademark of rising Manchester art-rockers Everything Everything. The track is the new single off their upcoming album Arc, out on January 14th. It seems like a good choice; something this addictive helps maintain anticipation for the full-length. Jonathan Higgs’ vocals are immediately expressive, his bouncy and high-pitched delivery leading the initial charge with some fun rhythmic twists on the “at the border” line. If the vocals are a bit too high-pitched or nasally for some listeners, just give the track time. You’ll be rewarded. Crunchy guitars emerge just before the chorus, a jubilant burst of melodic bliss led by a glistening guitar arpeggio as Higgs’ vocals reach their melodic peak. The moment is so fleeting and addictive that I’m sure some will value Higgs’ vocal performance over the Higgs boson. Everything Everything’s “Kemosabe” is certainly more accessible. Pre-order Arc here.


Mike Mineo

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