MP3: boerd – “Zombies Part I”

boerd - zombies

boerd is the alias of Swedish producer Bård Ericson, a classically trained double bassist dabbling in atmospheric electronica, jazz, and klezmer music. Exciting new track “Zombies Part I” is certainly of the electronica element, as warbled keys extend into glisterning synth pads, underwater sound effects, and Ellen Arkbro’s ethereal vocal harmonies. The final two minutes presents a drone-friendly meshing of piano arpeggios and sonorous ambiance, while everything prior maintains a bubbly pop appeal despite its ambitious leanings.

Ericson started writing electronic songs in 2005, when he was only 14. He used a program called Little Sound Dj, a tool for Game Boy that allows musicians to create songs using sequencing, sampling, and everything else you’d need for a makeshift DIY studio. His work was more of the chiptune variety back then, but he has expanded into highly atmospheric works with the likes of “Zombies Part I”, the first single off his upcoming album Cerebrum, out January 15th. Some  of Ericson’s other material – like “Flimmer” – shows more rhythmically involved dance tendencies, so expect his debut to be full of variety.

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