MP3: We Avalanche – “Wasting Time”

we avalanche - time travels

The rootsy folk-pop of Boston-based We Avalanche is led by guitar, mandolin, and cello. Each member of the trio specializes in one, and on their debut album, Time Travels, their chemistry is evident and fruitful. Released just last week, the album boasts an impressive collection of sounds. Brady Custis’ vocals are similar to Elliott Smith’s, haunting and ethereal despite occasionally muted angst. His range is silky-smooth, and his ability to hold a note pays great dividends on lush efforts like “Multiverse” and “One Day Soon”, the former a stripped-down folk whisper and the latter a string-induced flash of darkness. Some tracks are straightforward yet beautiful acoustical folk interpretations, while others are steeped in emotion and intricate arrangements. The variation, both in tone and instrumental prominence, helps make Time Travels a very satisfying release. The somber beginnings of “One Day Soon” turn cohesively into perky optimism, thanks to stellar string arrangements and Custis’ emotively fleeting delivery. “Wasting Time” is a clear standout in its brisk approach; Custis’ vocals here again take an initially casual approach, before delving into exciting bursts of pop where the guitars strum more forcefully and the strings move swifter. Grab their excellent new LP on Bandcamp for $8, and stream it in full below:

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