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Monty and the Puma Fruits – “Untitled”

Monty and the Puma Fruits

Monty and the Puma Fruits have been staples of the Brighton music scene for the past several years. The British collective are known throughout the area for their amiable folk-pop fixings, which include everything from old-fashioned string and harmonica adornments to jazz-influenced horns. The variety of instrumentation on their tracks stems from frequent collaboration with artists of all sorts, from improv-jazz collective Tysarc to acoustic specialists Lazer Horse. It’s all led by the bellowing croon of singer and guitarist Monty Ochocki. Monty and the Puma Fruits’ first release, Damgate Farm, is a three-track EP that includes the irresistible “Untitled”. The fluttering acoustics, gravely somber horn arrangements, and Ochocki’s deep croon make “Untitled” highly reminiscent of Canadian folk greats Timber Timbre; it plays like a mellower cousin of “Too Old to Die Young“. The trickling piano bridge at the track’s mid-point kicks off a sequence that shows, despite Ochocki’s excellent vocal presence, they are not reliant on him. In the instrumental conclusion, it becomes highly apparent that Monty and the Puma Fruits have a knack for melodic wizardry and for showcasing exceptional musicianship. Check out another gem from the EP, “Hit the Light”, below. It’s even more dependent on suave horn arrangements:

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