MP3: Constant Supply – “Capo”

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“Capo” is the lead single off Constant Supply’s upcoming debut LP, The Coast Ain’t Clear. James Gillen and Conal Sweeney provide every aspect of instrumentation on the record, from the deeply reverberating guitars and haunting keys to the unobtrusive drum machine. Tommy McLaughlin, also a member of rising Domino group Villagers, produced the duo’s debut EP and handles The Coast Ain’t Clear as well. The album presents structurally straightforward alt-rock, but the group’s knack for brooding melody and stirring build-ups make “Capo” one of several striking efforts on the release. There may not be a plethora of surprising twists, but it’s hard to not get hooked by the morose guitar layers and gravelly somberness of James Gillen’s vocals. Despite the absence of actual percussion, the guitars and bass do a remarkable job of providing a reverberating rhythmic backbone, so much so that whispers of post-punk are apparent after the bridge at two minutes. Overall, “Capo” is an infectious alt-rock gem with hints of post-punk and power-pop throughout, propelled by engaging vocals that sound like a cross between Craig Finn and Nick Cave.




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