Pixel Fix – “Rosa”

Pixel Fix

Oxford-based group Pixel Fix sound like they craft their atmospheric electro-rock underwater, submerged in translucent reverb and shimmering melodies with aquatic sound effects — like bubbly trickles and sonar-like bleeps. The intro of “Rosa” shows this aquatic feel¬†instrumentally¬† as droplet melodies become gradually accompanied by R&B-fitted handclap percussion. The lead vocals are a dead ringer for Alex Turner’s initially, but when the track takes a more excitable turn the understated tone turns highly emotive; it’s reflective of the track’s overall shift from underwater serenity to an above-the-surface thrill ride. The thrilling chorus leads with anthemic percussive pounding and soaring tremolos before settling back into blue-tinged bliss. Another one of their efforts, “Rome”, is more of the directly infectious guitar-pop variety — but just as fun as the more subdued “Rosa”, showing the band’s impressive range very clearly. I’m pumped for their upcoming EP.


Mike Mineo

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