Slander – “Magnets”


There’s a lot more than Mystic Pizza in Mystic, Connecticut. Fervent alt-rock five-piece Slander are spearheading a respectable rock scene there with tracks like “Magnets”, a bustling effort that combines post-punk rhythmic conciseness with chilling and emotive vocals reminding of riot grrrl scene greats, like Bikini Kill and Sleater-Kinney. A hoarse guitar rhythm kicks off the track before percussion signals a ferocious howl from Julia Farrar. Her vocals range from deep-spoken mumblings to sensual howls, the tonal variation resulting in a phenomenal performance that carries the track at times. Even beyond Farrar’s wonderfully fervent vocals, Slander’s backing instrumentation is solid. The excellent guitar work reminds of ’90s alt-rock greats in its alternation between crunchy rhythms and squealing solos. “Magnets” was recorded with Daniel Schlett at Strange Weather in Brooklyn. He did a superb job juggling the band’s post-punk and alternative influences, breathless in its intensity and melodically astute throughout.

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