Ploy – “XIX”

Ploy - XIX

Ploy is a DC-based duo comprised of Gil Wojcik and Justin Victoria, who craft sparkling electro-pop that slides somewhere in between M83’s bounciest anthems, Hot Chip’s high-pitched fervor, and The Tough Alliance’s futuristic synth glow. Ploy sound like two Swedes lost in DC, showing a mastery for atmospheric yet constantly infectious electro-pop more aligned with the Scandinavia pop scene. They’ve released a few tracks since last summer, notably the trickling “Gold” and vintage chiptune flair of “Fool”. With each release, Ploy has shown a fondness for irresistible melodies led by hectic arpeggios, which flow at will over synth-bass gargles and gleeful drum loops.

I actually enjoy their most recent track, “XIX”, the most. The sound is very much the same as past tracks, but their vocal delivery is more at ease here, allowing luscious synth pads and minimal synth trickles to take over for once. Of course, the glistening arpeggios arrive during the exhilarating chorus and bridge, but its imminent arrival is part of the fun. Ploy build anticipation like any electro-pop great. With that in mind, it’s easy to forget that the duo was founded recently… last year at a Starbucks, in fact. It’s clear they already have a knack for irresistibly catchy electro-pop, so it will be interesting to see where Ploy goes from here. I’m guessing upwards.

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