Ann Grace – “Calling Dreams” (Stan Dart remix)

Stan Dart

Here’s some chilled-out bliss for your Monday beginnings, a remix of Ann Grace’s serene “Calling Dreams” courtesy of Austria-based Stan Dart. Dart began composing electronic music in 2009, initially just for fun. But tracks like this one and the woodwind-accompanied folklore-ish “Sea of Tranquility” make it easy to see why he turned it into a more serious effort. “Sea of Tranquility” is a pleasant combination of twinkles and synth-inclined woodwinds that plays like an anthem of elves from Lord of the Rings, while “Calling Dreams” is a bouncier effort with a glistening futuristic feel, courtesy of chopped-up angelic vocal samples and a house-influenced build-up. There’s no climactic bass drop or whirring exhilaration typical of dubstep; “Calling Dreams” is just a no-frills electronic composition that gets atmosphere right without being derivative.

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