Val Bloom – “The Wrestler”

Val Bloom

Val Bloom are an English electro-pop duo that are fond of naming their songs after movies and actors. That’s the only info available regarding the project, but their two released tracks do a great job of catching interest nonetheless. “The Wrestler” is some striking stuff, with a sleek sound incorporating closely-wound electronic arp reflections, playful synth squiggles, and occasional acoustic bursts that remind of Afro-pop. The vocals are clear and sonorous, somewhat of a cross between the beautifully soaring vocals of How To Dress Well’s Tom Krell and the warmly elastic vocals of Sting. It’s wonderfully constructed electro-pop with a natural continuity, highlighted by a warm bass, playful ambient effects, and unpredictable synth additions. “Jean Reno” rides more on those Afro-pop-inspired guitar trickles, with the vocals projecting an anthemic semi-wordless croon compared to the structured sophistication of “The Wrestler”. Both tracks have their own unique strengths, but show with equal power why Val Bloom are certainly a duo to keep your eyes on.


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