Welshly Arms – “Run Right Out of Here”

Welshly Arms

Taking a cue from the blues-rock revivalism of The Black Keys and Alabama Shakes, Cleveland-based Welshly Arms create raucously fun tunes for fans of vintage familiarity. The group claims their “bluesy soul rock” sound derives from three things: their blues/R&B/classic rock influences, a love for well-crafted melodies, and a tight chemistry. Welshly Arms won’t wow listeners with intricacy or dexterity, but there’s plenty of soulful pleas and sing-along jubilation on a track like “The Touch”, the second on their upcoming album Welcome, out March 26th. “Na-na-na”ing backing vocals glide over key twinkles and twangy guitars, as Sam Getz’s vocals grow from suave verses to a highly emotive chorus – “You say you got the touch I think you talk too much / Cuz I swear I’ll make you blush, but I won’t get flattered cuz it doesn’t even matter.” Again, it’s not the sort of lyrical depth or musical arsenal that will serve as groundbreaking, but one would be overly morose by saying Welshly Arms aren’t tons of fun. The equally stellar “Run Right Out of Here” shows shades of Dr. Dog’s psych-rock in addition to the aforementioned blues and soul influences.

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