Analog Birds – “No-Knock”

analog birds - no-knock

Just a few days ago we featured the lovably odd psych-rockers Bird Names. Now we have some more trippy chirps from NYC-based trio Analog Birds. Their first material since 2007, the exhilarating “No-Knock” is described as “a driving electro-acoustic rock song” influenced by Harry Nilsson, Stereolab, and Stevie Wonder. The trio are talented multi-instrumentalists and quite adept at switching off roles, as shown on their Soundcloud page. Each verse, chorus, and bridge for “No-Knock” has a listing of who played what. It gives listeners an idea how enjoyably complex “No-Knock” is, especially for a track under three minutes in length. Analog Birds have a wonderful knack for fleeting pop hooks, similar to the soaring chamber-pop sensibilities of Field Music. While also incorporating elements of Paul Simon’s Afro-pop infusions and Blur’s earlier joy rides (like “Coffee & TV“), “No-Knock” is a constantly changing swarming of wonderful psych-pop. Their admiration for engaging hooks, colorful personality, and rock revivalism is reminiscent of rising rockers Foxygen. I expect them both to be big this year.

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