Biggles Flys Again – “Friends”

Biggles Flys Again - Friends

Friends” is a charming little track that touches on the perseverance of a good friendship, flaunting forgiveness and apathy as things to strive for over melodic keyboard-led arrangements. It comes courtesy of Conor Deasy, who goes under the solo alias of Biggles Flys Again. His penchant for 3-minute pop gems align with a fondness for various keyboards, his repertoire including Yamaha and Casio keyboards, a BBC Neve recording console, and a Hammond organ. His amiably youthful vocals compare to Rufus Wainwright’s dramatic croon at its most playful, though Deasy opts for bouncy keyboard backings and quick guitar swipes instead of the dramatic strings and elongated croons. “We always forgive the ones we love,” he sings during a clever bridge, his lyrics reflective of his songwriting ideology; it’s simple but knowingly effective. “Local Legend” shows Deasy’s range as well, with a haunting and more somber twinkling that carries the track. Conor Deasy is a Dublin-based songwriter definitely worth checking out.

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