Cobalt Cranes – “Shake”

cobalt cranes

“Shake” transports listeners to the early ’90s, when melodic grunge and alt-rock flowed freely with groups like Nirvana and Pearl Jam on the rise. LA-based Cobalt Cranes play with elements of gravelly distortion and nonchalant angst to produce an effectively nostalgic sound steeped in that period. Tim Foley’s semi-raspy vocals on “Shake” have the same suave grit of an Eddie Vedder, though with a toned-down aggression that allows for several stylistic shifts. The warbly bass is aptly prominent during these transitions, especially prominent during a bridge past the two-minute mark, where a surprisingly anthemic alt-rock progression takes over. It eventually returns to the infectiously fuzzy chorus – repeating “shake me up” – that revives visions of a stylistic staple just being born. With praise already from MTV Hive and CMJ, Cobalt Cranes are quickly on the rise.

Check out Kate Betuel’s vocal lead on the equally enthralling “Salvation” below. Expect more of the same grunge-rock revival goodness, albeit with a different delivery entirely from Foley’s. It’s easy to see why Cobalt Cranes split up the vocal duties; both Foley and Betuel provide different flavors to accompany a solid sound. Check out Cobalt Cranes’ debut album, Head In The Clouds, now.

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