Posted April 29, 2013 by Mike Mineo in Dream-Pop + Shoegaze

Everything by Electricity – “Violet Haze”

Everything By Electricity

London-based trio Everything by Electricity craft a dreamy form of electro-pop with stepping stones in infectious dance and lush shoegaze. The latter shows most in their production, shrouded in warm reverb but not overtly so as to cloak the beautiful melodies. Their stellar vocalist, Yulia, essentially sounds like Beach House’s Victoria Legrand, making the dream-pop/shoegaze comparisons all the easier. “Violet Haze” is a stunner that initially rides on extended synth pads and a nostalgic motor-like ignition. Fragments of rhythm guitar are laced around Yulia’s vocals when they appear, as an interesting bridge approaches that features a whirring guitar transition. The instrumentation resembles the neon-lit nostalgia of Chromatics, something you’d expect to grace the opening credits of¬†Drive.¬†Everything by Electricity appear to be brand new; their Facebook page was just created a few days ago. Despite their recent formation, this trio should rise quickly with quality efforts like “Violet Haze” and “Story of You”.

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