Junip – “Your Life, Your Call”


Junip is the trio of José González, Tobias Winterkorn and Elias Araya. The familiar name to most will be González, whose 2003 debut album Veneer reached the top 10 in Sweden and the UK. That album showcased gorgeous acoustic-led pop, where quaint presentations would frequently expand from the intimate to explosive, led by González’s excelled guitar playing. The success of Veneer made González a sought-after studio guitarist, especially among electronic artists seeking to liven up their sound. His receptiveness to electronic projects was foreshadowed by one of the best tracks on Veneer, an acclaimed cover of The Knife’s “Heartbeats”.

Forming a group like Junip seems like a natural progression for González, who can now explore his electronic arena more fully. Junip’s origins date all the way back to a 2005 EP, but now there seems to be more focus on the project. Winterkorn and Araya prove as exceptional accomplices on their second, eponymous album, which will be available on April 23rd. One of its leading tracks, “Your Life, Your Call”, is great indication of a solid release and Junip’s sound in general. The vocals somehow manage to be soaring yet relaxed, like a more restrained Alexis Taylor. Perhaps it’s just the lush arrangement, with a buzzing bass and reflective guitar drops, that makes the comparison possible. “Your Life, Your Call” is a highly relaxed effort that shows the suave electro-acoustic incorporation of Junip, whose new album is sure to make waves this year.

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