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Quiet Please – “Pray For Me”

Quiet Please paris

Phoenix makes punchy alt-rock from France seem like the norm, and Parisian four-piece Quiet Please seem to support that with the suavely infectious “Pray For Me” , the opening track on their debut EP, Eyes on the Wall and Fake Hair. With wordless melodic croons, scratchy guitar distortion, and pitter-patter minimalist percussion kicking off the track, “Pray For Me” begins like a vintage Strokes effort; the repetitive guitar serves as a comforting numbness, as listeners become slowly aware of the imminent songwriting expansion. “Come and pray for me, I don’t wanna pass out,” the irresistibly lackadaisical chorus repeats, eventually introducing a starry-eyed synth pad to spice things up. Not that this track needs any more spice. “Pray For Me” is a straightforward yet wholesomely addictive effort that continues to bolster the recent reputation of France’s radio-friendly indie-rock scene.

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