Redfoot – “Make It Quick”

Redfoot NYC

Redfoot’ fit well into NYC’s¬†burgeoning atmospheric folk-pop scene. Their excellent new track “Make It Quick” inspires comparisons to local staples like Grizzly Bear and The Antlers. The latter has a direct relation; Redfoot worked with The Antlers’ Darby Cicci on “Make It Quick”, and his band’s penchant for moody atmospheres seems to have carried over. Their fan niches may be similar, but Redfoot prove with “Make It Quick” that they’re a unique force of their own. Exotic guitar stylings and lushly reflective keyboard stabs get things going, the initial fluttering reminiscent of ’90s alt-rock ambition. The vocals are very striking for the style, comparing to the nasally anthemic power of a Luke Haines or Brian Molko during the verses. The chorus, with its sweeping waves of guitar, seeks a more complacent lushness dependent on atmosphere. And pure atmosphere is something that Redfoot do remarkably well. This is definitely a band to keep an eye on.

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