Tiger Tsunami – “Antarctica”

Tiger Tsunami

The fizzy goodness of “Antarctica” is typical of Tiger Tsunami, the rising electronic project of Christian Parker. Taking influence from Flying Lotus, Bonobo, and Minus The Bear, Parker produces magnetic resuts with efforts like “Antarctica” and “Blossom”. The former is a slick sunshine-drenched crawl through whirring bright synths, R&B-inspired click-clacking percussion, and vocal snippets that tread gently throughout the caressing electronic soundscape. The vocal snippets work well as a rhythmic collaborative, as more conventional vocal samples craft fragments of a lead. There’s no conventional structure or lead, and that spontaneously unpredictable delivery helps make “Antarctica” an glowingly warm effort. “Blossom” begins with wonderful chiptune-inspired keyboard and guitar loops, quickly accented by vocal samples with granulated pitches that fluctuate inward and outward to craft a delectable melodic backbone. Parker is a master of electronic atmosphere, one that fits quite well with the approaching sentiments of summer. Look out for his debut EP in late summer, with the first teaser track in May.

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