Blinker the Star – “Future Fires”

Blinker The Star

Canadian indie-rock veterans released We Draw Lines last year, their first full-length in almost a decade. Now they show that releasing albums may be a frequent habit again, with Songs From Laniakea Beach being released in January. That’s not all though; Blinker the Star have just put out a catchy single in non-album cut “Future Fires”. Immediately, its tinny guitar punch and excitable kick drum reminds of Phoenix in its garage-bound energy, though the vocal delivery more recalls those influenced by prog-pop and rock greats with its crisp charisma and slight touch of reverb; XTC and Field Music are some names that come to mind. The smattering of keys in the joyous chorus reinforces the latter comparison, cementing a solid hook that listeners will anticipate upon each re-listen. This is quality stuff from the veteran duo, whose longtime discography deserves a look.

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