Bowjia – “Hooves Like Jäger”

Bowjia electronica

Somewhere underwater, in an aquatic paradise, you can expect to find Bowjia’s “Hooves Like Jäger”. Smoothly reflective keys resonate like a stream gliding across pebbles, as trickles of exotic woodwinds and deeply bustling bass lines extend the track’s boundaries. It’s practical to expect the into to last forever; it glides hypnotically at first, like a deep electro cut. You wouldn’t expect the bass to drop just before the two minute mark, but it does — and its impact is pretty cool. The main allure of “Hooves Like Jäger” is its repetitive beauty; it’s not the bass drop, which is very momentary. What makes Bowjia a group to look out for is their value of rich atmosphere, like Air and Röyksopp. They have the potential to garner similar cult followings. “Fresh Prints” show this in equally hypnotic fashion:

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