Buried Child – “Unmarried Mother”

Buried Child - Los Angeles

Buried child. Unmarried mother. Could things get any more bleak? It makes sense that this LA-based electronic project is steeped in such darkness. Their sleekly intoxicating synth-driven sound immediately compares to Crystal Castles, who they opened for recently in Oakland. While their sound remains very similar, Buried Child have plenty of unique appeal. “Unmarried Mother” begins with a ghostly stutter stepping out over light synth dribbles and a crackling background pad, the drum and bass quickly appearing to increase the track’s overall infectiousness. Just after the second minute listeners arrive at a point of club-friendly neon-lit infectiousness, where a heavy bass drum and a sparkling array of keys and synths provide a truly stunning atmospheric dance-athon… in the depths of the sewer system, or in some musty club out of Blade Runner. Buried Child craft such vivid tracks that locations like those pop up in one’s head. For a group of Buried Child’s dark synth-pop nature, that’s a resounding success.

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