Dean Blunt – “Papi”

Dean Blunt - The Redeemer

On “Papi”, Dean Blunt makes excellent usage of Pink Floyd”s haunting (mainly) instrumental “Echoes“, full of eerie keys, tugging strings, and space-like ambiance. Blunt, half of experimental duo Hype Williams, is no stranger to sampling — and “Papi” is actually tame compared to most of his efforts, like the sprawling “London 2012” (below). “Papi” is a nice way to dig into Blunt’s new album The Redeemer, released this past week. The album’s 19 tracks are Blunt’s “most romantic collection of compositions”, as “orchestral sonatas drift into ravaged 4AM ballads and feral psychedelia.” Compared to previously chaotic samples involving police sirens and constant whirring, The Redeemer plays smoothly by Hype Williams standards. On a track like “Papi” there is less head-scratching, and more of a direct appreciation for sensual soul-pop and husky vocals that evoke a night beside a fireplace as a cocktails makes you feel woozy. Still, tracks like “Demon” show that anxiety is not forgotten — as cold robotic vocal samples, wartime percussion, and discordant clanging provide the same intentional discomfort as a stellar Scott Walker track. Blunt and longtime collaborator Inga Copeland continue to make fascinating use of sampling techniques, implementing their love for a variety of obscure pop culture tidbits and musical genres to create a sound that is wholly unique.


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