Split Screens – “Born”

Split Screens - Jesse Cafiero

Split Screens is the solo project of San Francisco-based Jesse Cafiero, though judging by his highly atmospheric and rich psych-pop sound the solo project sounds more like a collective of veteran musicians. Their self-titled, five-track EP can be streamed in full below this post.

The jazz influences on opener “Born” lend atmosphere more than anything else; the sound recalls a smoky lounge with its spontaneous key trickles and shifting percussion. Cafiero’s hazily stoned vocals push this enthusiastic yet relatively psychedelic tone into a tranquil fog, where the twangy guitar lead during the final minute resonates with seemingly greater clarity than initially. Geneva Harrison of previously featured Bells Atlas guests on vibraphone for the track.┬áThe crawling “When It Comes to You” is a more developmental effort, demonstrative of Cafiero’s ability to construct a spontaneously engaging song structure that evolves unpredictably yet appealingly.


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