The Derevolutions – “Living in the Not World”

Derevolutions -  Living In The Pop World?

“Living in the Not World” show The Derevolutions to have a slick grasp of sample-infused pop music. The track is an exhilarating slice of tropical wizardry, revolving around a lead synth line that features Eastern Asian-infused melodies with infectious contemporary twists; the latter is prominent as the chord progression concluding each verse even compares to subdued R&B in its alluring suaveness. These fusions remind of Benji Hughes and of Montreal.  The first trademark of The Derevolutions’ next-level electronic workings comes around 01:24, when various layers of multi-pitched vocals overlap to create one stunning melodic cohesion. Trickling guitars and chiming keys resume shortly thereafter, but only momentarily — as the remaining five minutes prove to be a fantastically exotic journey, as hinted by the first two minutes. “Living in the Not World” is an excellent opener to Living In The Pop World?, the 6-song debut from The Derevolutions, based out of Northampton, MA. They’re kind enough to offer up the entire album for free here. Download it now, or stream it in its entirety below:

Official Site / Soundcloud

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