Boss & Swan – “Raging Bull”

Boss and Swan - Raging Bull

It has become a rather hysterical experience to consider the amount of music that goes unnoticed nowadays, whether deservedly so or not. There are several reasons for this, but that doesn’t change the scores of musicians unable to receive recognition befitting their talents. Fortunately, there are efforts remarkable enough to cast off this helpless feeling, if only for the duration of the efforts themselves. Boss & Swan, the brother-sister duo based out of Toronto, manage this triumphant feat with their track “Raging Bull”, an emotionally-charged work that saw a place in the 2012 Canadian horror film American Mary.¬†According to manager Logan Kearns, the pair couple “dark yet uplifting lyrics” with “abstract harmonies” to create a “distinct electronic sound.” And distinctive it is. The emotive tug-of-war characterizing “Raging Bull” sees the grace of Ava Kibalian’s language on one end of the creative struggle, and her brother Yeghia’s minimalist yet complimentary synths and bass work on the other. The responsibilities result in a triumphantly adventurous listen, one unafraid of the mysterious energy it often taps into.

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