BuddhaChieff – “Distance”


BuddhaChieff’s “Distance” is one of those tracks you hear about only through the good graces of others. Situated halfway around the globe, the Russian beatmaker is within a selectively geographic musical niche, tucked away with a specialized sound that is appreciated by too few of people. A delicate technicality courses through the veins of Sergei Budachev’s work, and on “Distance” we have our supporting evidence. The beat opens with an ethereal groove, and not long afterwards, an equally airy voice swoops into the sound, commanding your full attention. The chillingly beautiful vibes unwind as the track progresses; the vocals come in and out like a state of consciousness, but the steadiness of the beat remains, reminding us that we are indeed grounded in this blissfully sonic reality. “Journey to the Forest”, with its gloomy rainy Monday brass, is another highlight below:

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