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Catching Flies – “Grey Skies”

Catching Flies - Long Journey Home

We already posted Catching Flies’ superb bell-tinged remix of Mt. Wolf’s “Life Size Ghosts“, but his own original material deserves attention as well. The 22-year-old producer from London just released a new EP, The Long Journey Home, two days ago, and the love is already pouring in on Soundcloud. Although just three tracks long, The Long Journey Home shows Catching Flies’ knack for drizzly ambient electronica, complete with tranquil bass leads, jazzy key glissandi, late-night brass, and otherworldly ethereal vocal samples. This is telling of the EP’s self-titled track, which rides on a blissful atmosphere with seamless ease. “Grey Skies” is more percussive in its approach, even relatively danceable in its warbly synth sequences. Its finale shows some of Catching Flies’ most consistent use of vocals — “I spy grey skies, falling falling down.” It’s one hell of a stunner, and does a nice job of showing why Catching Flies continues to get such love in the blogosphere. Could he be the next Burial or James Blake?

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