J-Louis X Tribe – “1nce again”


You’d be hard-pressed to find a more consistenly great label than the Los Angeles-based Soulection. Teeming with extraordinary musical talents like 20-year-old producer J-Louis, who happens to construct his beats on an iPhone, the collective issues out its music in a wonderfully rhythmic pattern, allowing each creative effort to simultaneously air out and achieve its inevitable acclaim. On “1nce again”, we’re invited to step forth into a rising sound, one characterized by warm synths, luring vocals, and supplementary bass and percussion work. The track taps into multiple vibes, inspiring awe at some junctures, and some irresistible head-nodding at others. And while the beat won’t blow anyone into another dimension (it isn’t that kind of otherwordly sonic adventure), it’ll remind us of musical gems unearthed, and awaiting auditory exposure.

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