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Mendream – “Kumquat (Sunday Morning)”

Mendream - Kumquat (Sunday Morning)


“Kumquat (Sunday Morning)” has what it takes to be a massive radio hit. The brand new track from Russian four-piece┬áMendream clings onto the realization of love, where a mere fling turns into something much more, and all of a sudden you’re sharing your first Sunday morning together. Beyond that, the music is utterly infectious — chock-full of tropical vibes and unbridled glee, the chiming guitar lead emitting an exotic glow as the youthfully airy vocals of┬áDenis Mendreliouk take over. “This is our first Sunday morning together, and I don’t know if it’s the beginning or the end,” he sings during the anthemic chorus, the hesitation stymied by a melodic lead that evokes optimism and sun-filled beaches.┬áMendreliouk described “Kumquat (Sunday Morning)” as Mendream’s “new summer single” in the submission e-mail, and wow — this sure epitomizes a stellar summer single.

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